Sunday, 24 January 2010

Arcade Hoops Basketball App

Arcade Hoops Basketball AppArcade Hoops MenuPrice at time of review £1.19 (approx $2)

Like NBA Hotshot this is a simulation of the basketball machines you get to play in arcades. This app is slightly more expensive but boy you get what you pay for and more.

Graphically amazing on the small screen with great animation of the moving basket. Spot-on sounds add to the experience.

Arcade Hoops Basketball screenshotI would have given this app 10/10 without the new mode  "3 point classic" which has just been added for all users completely free of charge - but it is a welcome addition - with the basket fixed in it's 3 point position and nice new balls.

The other modes are Classic (45 seconds of 2 point shooting) and Progressive (99 seconds of trying for 2 and 3 pointers). Both local and global high scores for each mode are available.

This is one gaming app which just feels right in all respects. It looks good, sounds good, even the variation in "flick" needed for the moving basket feels right.

Arcade Hoops Basketball 3 point classic modeThe quality of this game for the price I am reviewing it at is outstanding. Skyworks have pitched the pricing well to ensure good sales and recommendation and adding a new mode for free will keep existing owners very happy.

A small amount of money very well spent!

10/10   Get it from Arcade Hoops Basketball

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