Sunday, 3 April 2011

Word Solitaire: Aurora

Word Solitair Aurora app review
Word Solitaire Aurora app reviewPrice at time of writing 59p approx 99c

I like solitaire, as in the traditional card game, but I bore with it quite quickly.

Now solitaire with words is an addictive twist. And that's the aim here. On each level all you have to do is uncover all turned over cards and ensure that at the end you have a word in each column.

With limited lifelines (burn a few cards - on some levels even this is not available) you will be driven mad yet you will keep coming back for more. Longer words mean more points and your few spare cards in the bottom left hand corner will often be needed to complete words or simply to add to your score.

Word Solitaire Aurora app reviewCampaign is fun with level after level available to proceed through with many challenges such as coping with many of  a given letter.

A global 'who can score the most?' daily challenge is also great fun.

This is so close to a 10/10 app but a couple of personal desires just hold it off.

The backgrounds are beautiful but the animation seems to make the battery drain a little too quickly for my liking for a word app.

Some form of Open Feint and/or Game Center functionality would be nice.

A global high score leaderboard would also be a good addition for Campaign mode. Especially when this has been implemented for the daily challenge.

These are minor quibbles though and such a small price for such an addictive card game with a word twist is outstanding.

9/10 Download from
Word Solitaire: Aurora - Candywriter

Word Solitaire Aurora app reviewWord Solitaire Aurora app review

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