Ipod Touch Tips

Lets face it many of us learn how to use the IPod Touch by trial and error rather than look at the on-line manual. In addition to that we gradually pick up hints and tips as we go along.

Some of these tips may be known to you, some may not, but as they grow in number you may find something of use.

1. Jailbreaking is a term you will come across from time to time. You can find how to do this doing a google search. Essentially it enables you to free your gadget from the restictions imposed on it by Apple. You may wish to run software not approved by apple for example. It is claimed that the best jailbreaking programs are reversible meaning you can get your unit back into warranty should the worst happen.
Me? I haven't done this and won't be - I've recently read too many horror stories about people who have performed jailbraking only to then let their system software be "upgraded" by iTunes causing major functioing problems of their beloved gadget.
So for the brave or insane jailbreaking may be a great idea - for the majority who would like to be 100% sure their unit remains intact it's best avoided.

2. Given their relatively low price it's easy to go "app-solutely crazy" and download app after app.
Whilst every app you own may be great you may be downloading these in the knowledge that Apple's software will just keep creating pages for these apps. I'll admit I did.

In actual fact you are limited to the number of pages of apps in relation to the generation of iPod Touch you own - on the 32gb 3rd generation the limit is 11 pages of 16 apps plus the 4 on the toolbar making 180 apps.

Earlier models can only cope with 8 pages of apps so choose with care. Don't worry if you do over purchase though because you can always store all your apps on iTunes and then just sync those you want on your Touch. This limit does make it all the more important to select only the very best applications if you can.

It is reported by some that the limit may not be on storage but on display and that whilst you may be limited to say 11 pages of icons other apps may be stored but can obly be found using the search facility. I haven't tried this so I can't comment. But to be honest I can't see many wanting the hassle of using search to find an app. If an app is so unimportant that it be be left "invisible" do you really need the app anyway?

3. For a quick way to delete (non default) apps from your iPod Touch just touch an icon and keep it pressed. After a second or two all deletable apps will wobble. To delete just click the cross and accept the warning. To stop the other apps from wobbling just press the main "Home Button".

4. As regards to the reoganization of icons this is far easier done in iTunes by accessing your device and selecting the Applications tab. Using simple drag and drop tidying your apps up is simple

App arranging is easy in iTunes with drag and drop

5. Need a screenshot? It's as simple as pressing the power button and the home button at exactly the same time. You will get a "flash" and a sound as if you were taking a photo and the image will be stored in your Photos directory. It is simple but it is easy to misjudge the timing in which case you either turn your iPod touch off or alternatively go to the home screen menu.

6. If you wish to use your iPod touch whilst charging it is better to do this whilst it is powered from the relatively low power of a USB from a PC connection rather than via a mains adapter. You may find that menus and apps can be unresponsive and unreliable whilst charging from a direct mains supply.

7. Which is the best iPod Touch to buy? You could base your choice on how much music and/or videos you have on your current device and allow a bit extra for apps. Personally I don't like this approach as you may find you like some of the larger apps or have a future desire to put a lot of personal videos or photos on your Touch.

It's always more sensible to always buy the model with the largest storage capacity you can afford. I'd have loved the potential storage of the 64gb model but that one was outside of my budget so I have the 32gb version which is just fine.

Use the iPod Touch search to find elusive or hidden apps or music with ease8. So you've now filled your Apple Ipod Touch with apps. Your pages are full of pretty little icons but try as you might you can't spot the one app you are looking for. Stop scrolling backwards and forwards and wasting time. From the "Home" Page just scroll left to the search function. This literally searches your whole console for literally anything you have on it. So it doesn't matter if you enter an track name, an artist or the name of an app - search will find it.

9. Pay attention to your battery level. Run an app with a lot of animation and your unit will "power down" in a fraction of the time Apple advertise. I also don't agree with battery management apps - looking at another app to see how much power you are using is utterly ridiculous. However small it may be the app just uses more power and fills up a valuable icon space on your app pages. With a little attention you will soon figure out the apps which literally eat your batteries. Nothing more is needed than 2 ounces of common sense. Don't play a graphically rich app with lots of animations when your power level is low. Battery eating apps are normally some of the best out there so they need to be seen and used but to get maximum pleasure from your iPod Touch keep an eye on that perfecly adequate little battery icon Apple place top right on the screen. You will soon discover you power hungry games and utilities. 

10. Be very careful when deciding to purchase because of good star ratings. New apps tend to get a quick stream of 5 star ratings as developers (and those that are close to developers) use their own Apple devices to rate. I tend to wait  much longer and I pay little attention to early written comments for the same reason. Be sure to also look at overall ratings for ALL builds don't be misled by a few good comments on a recent build when previous builds have poor comments. The old story applies. If the ratings looks too good to be true - they probably are.

11. Buy a decent cover and a screen protector as soon as you get your new iPod touch. I can highly recommend this leather cover from Amazon. Not only is it an incredibly resonable price but it comes with a screen protector too, saving the trouble of buying seperate items. I have now bought two of these for two units and service has always been fast and efficient. There is even a belt clip supplied if you need to use one. What I like about this is that it provides sturdy protection in a nice looking case and the screen and home button are not obscured. Incidentally I have not found that a screen protector hinders the performance of the touch screen in any way whatsoever.