iSpy Cam App Special

If you like world watching the iSpy app for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has to be one of the must-own apps for your collection.

Obviously you need to have a network connection on your Apple gadget to use the app but once you are up and running you have a wealth of cameras to choose from with more added all the time.

Incidentally I am in no way connected to the developer of this app I simply thoroughly enjoy using it.  I therefore thought I would give this app a page of it's own where I could demonstrate some of the images I have obtained using it.

The slide shows you see on this page I will be adding to as time goes on so you might like to pop back occasionally to see what's new.

This first set features The Animals Of The World. There are many zoos, sanctuarys and other animal related webcams available on iSpy. The Clearwater Aquarium Florida is great viewing, especially at show time.try the Vcelovina Bee Cam in Slovakia for something different but please note bees appear when they feel like it not when you want them to.

My real favourite has to be the panda cam in SanDiego zoo. This cam is not user controllable, however the cam is extremely good at panda tracking, whether it detects the panda or is human is anybody's guess but it's great. Look out for San Diego zoo's other cams too - they are marvellous feeds. This pleases me as when we visited San Diego many years ago we had to miss out on a zoo visit in favour of a Mexico visit - we made the wrong choice - so at least the zoo has come to us!

Fans of fishes and sharks and other aquatics will love Ashamuti Aquarium in the palm of their hand. Have some patience and Sydney's croc cam may reward you.

The great thing about iSpy is that there is a dedicated button to take a snapshot so that when you take your pic all you get is the shot you want not all the menu buttons.

Animals are just one thing you may fancy watching though.

Using this app you can "virtually visit" countries which would otherwise be only a dream.

Not all cameras are controllable by the user and where it is available it can range from simple left/right control to an extremely versatile operation.

One of the best cams is the Cayman Islands Cam. This cam not only has several pre determined positions it can move to it also has a highly impressive manual control and zoom. The images in the following slideshow were taken from just the one camera location on the Cayman Islands. Not bad for such a small camera or resulting image either.

Clearly you can't have more than one user controlling a cam at any one time so where control is available a control button appears top right. Press this button and control is yours when the button turns green and you then have a displayed time limit to do something constructive. If there are preset camera positions you will click top left to access these. Manual control when available is slightly tricky at first using finger drag and the "pinch fingers control type" for zooming in and out but you do get the hang of it quickly.

If a user has cam control who isn't looking at anything constructive you don't normally have more than a minute or two between controllers anyway. Besides I'm not really fussed about cam control as long as the user who has it does something useful. Looking at feet or a pavement is of little use.

Continuing your virtual tour of the world continues and it's great to see spectacular cities by day and night.

A city gallery was to be next  but then this little Llama lot distracted me in Binningen, Switzerland. This is actually a great setting not just to watch the Llamas but also for the lovely surrounding countryside.

There's a good selection of Spanish webcams too many of which can be user controlled. I've only used a few of them here.

 Why not get the app while you wait for me to put together more slideshows?

If you use iTunes USA get it here iSpy Cameras
Or for iTunes UK here iSpy Cameras

To widen your choice of webcams you may wish to consider Live Cams - it is slightly more expensive though. The choice of cams is wider - however be aware many of these cams are ones you already have on iSpy and a heck of a lot are very poor quality images and somewhat boring, pointless feeds. I also find iSpy's control of webcams to be more easy to use when fine-touching movement. I will be doing a proper review of Live Cams shortly. It will certainly make my recommended list and will probably be awarded 9/10 You can obtain Live Cams here Live Cams