Friday, 15 January 2010

Air Hockey

Air Hockey AIR HOCKEY price at time of writing 59p (99c)

One of the most widely advertised applications and for good reason.

For the price this is an outstanding game to keep you occupied.

Single Player, 2 Player and Peer to Peer 2 Player and stats and achievements via Open Feint give a great range of variety.

Single player has difficulty levels ranging from Kiddie to INSANE! and believe me INSANE! is quoted in capitals and with an explanation mark as it is in the game. For good reason too. It is one of the most INSANE! AI competitors I have ever encountered.

Graphically it is all you could expect for a game of air hockey. It's simple to control your air hockey mallet with your finger too.

If there is a downside it is that I could imagine people with smaller fingers may find this easier to play as your mallet can become obscured by larger fingers. Indeed people with very large fingers may also find the puck difficult to see at times.

In all honesty though for 59p this is nit-picking it is a great app at an excellent price and is one of those game apps you will return to time and time again


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