Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cat Piano App Review

Cat Piano
Price at time of posting 59p (approx 99c)

Please note the "best app ever" label was not added by me. It is the actual app logo - probably the developer's (optimistic) view.

Well the best app ever it may not be. But a funny, entertaining, well made and presented piece of light entertainment it most certainly is.

There's just over one octave (with 14 notes per voice) and 10 nicely varied moggie "voices" to choose from you are really spoilt for choice as to which voice you are going to compose your musical miowsterpiece from.

For relative beginners to piano playing (like me) you can even have the notes displayed on the keys if you wish.

There's not much to add apart from the fact it's a bargain app that everyone ought to have some fun with - not the best app ever - but a purrfect novelty none the less.


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Cat Piano

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