Sunday, 17 January 2010


App Sniper
Price at time of review 59p (approx 99c)

This application was actually recommended to me so I expected good things anyway.

The application has the ability to keep an "eye" on any app for the iPhone or iPop touch you are interested in and to notify you when the price goes down accordingly to a figure you specify.

A useful feature in itself if you are interested in watching every penny. But given that most apps are probably priced from 59p to £2.99 it surely has to have some other use?

It does and it is for these reasons I find it extremely useful - not so much for saving a few pennies.

I find you can browse and search for applications far easier than you can ever do on iTunes or on any other application database. You can also easily see all apps currently on sale, you can take a look at the hottest apps at the moment. If you want to you can even see the price hitsory for a particular app.

A couple of users have moaned in feedback that this is in $$ rather than ££ but these are probably whinges by people who can't add 4+4. After all with the price of the average app we are hardly talking high finance!

It's also a bit sad that Apple asked the developer to stop the star ratings from appearing in the app - this does seem a little harsh as he is heavily promoting their products in promoting software for them.

If you are into saving money, no matter what, this app can pay for itself in one "Snipe". But equally if you are looking for a powerful alternative to iTunes to go app-hunting this could be just what you are looking for.


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