Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Daily Star app review

Daily Star App
Price at time of writing FREE

The Daily Star is the first of the UK tabloid newspapers who have created a mobile app featuring their actual news reports.

Daily Star applicationFor FREE which it is at the time of this review it's certainly worth having for a bit of gossip.

Obviously a web connection is needed to get the latest stories. The category headings are currently News, Gossip, Babes and Sport in line with the content of the actual newspaper.

The amount of content is fair, especially for free. After all if they allowed any more to go online there would be little point in buying the actual newspaper which wouldn't be too good for profits.

The Babes section includes a gallery of celebrities and page 3 girls. In accordance with Apple's no nudity policy in apps this is a nippless-app.

For the current price of NOTHING this is a nice little piece of light entertainment to keep up to date with national gossip and sport.

8/10                    Download from Daily Star UK

Daily Star app for iPhonedaily Star on ipod touch

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