Thursday, 21 January 2010

Peggle App Review

Price at time of writing £1.79 (approx $3)

Peggle is a delightful, addictive, game which has seen the light of day on so many consoles and systyems - from the PC to a mobile phone and from a Nintendo DS to an XBox360. It has a huge fan base across all versions.

Peggle AppFor those who are unfamiliar with the game the format is simple - launch a limited number of balls in the right direction to clear all orange pegs which appear randomly on each level. There are various obstacles to hinder, and power ups to aid you. As you would expect bonus points and extra balls arise from skillful ball launches.

The multi level adventure mode is huge and a challenge mode (achieve set targets for each level), quick play (select a level) , duel mode (against another player taking turns or against AI opponent) just add to a great game.

Peggle applicationAt the price I mention above it is superb value in fact if the game was as "polished " as it's versions on other consoles I am sure this would warrant a higher price.

However whilst the gameplay is as wonderful as ever there are a few ways this version of Peggle falls behind very slightly in quality.

1. Sound - One of Peggles highlights is it's sound - the app version has a distinctly tinny sound to it both in sound effects and music.
Peggle for iPod touch2. Background graphics - Again another console highlight for Peggle is the crisp colourful background on each level. Whilst the backgrounds are the same here they don't have the same sharp definition. Indeed I'd go as far as to say the graphics are good rather than great.
3. The button to launch your ball is at the top right of the screen? Why? I just can't see why anybody thought this a good idea. The fine positioning "wheel" at the right is a nice, useful touch so why nobody thought it a good idea to put this above the launch button is anybody's guess. This may seem trivial but it just seems odd that the decision was made to put the launch button in a position where a large hand could potentially obscure the on screen action as the ball is launched.

PeggleIt does seem that a few corners were cut when this version was created and perhaps Pop Cap Games were aware this didn't quite match up in looks and sounds to other versions and priced accordingly?

So why the heck am I still giving it 10/10 given the factors above?

Purely because it's still a superb hand-held game and the price above represents an extremely fair price for such entertainment - it still has the capacity to consume many hours of your life.

Just bear in mind the factors mentioned above if te price does increase in due course. For example if this had been a £3.99 ($7 approx app) I would have given 8/10.

10/10 (at a price of £1.79 approx £3)

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