Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Guardian App

The Guardian app
Price of app at time of writing £2.39 (approx $4)

Well at the moment I am writing this little piece there are two apps topping the iTunes news charts. Topping the Free apps is Sky News and at the top of the paid apps is the Guardian's contribution.

The Guardian ApplicationBoth apps are highly rated but the paid for app comes out higher. So why are thousands buying a moderately priced app as regards to taking a clearly good free one?

From use of this app and checking the feedback of others The Guardian's depth of content, variety and amount of material to read wins the news battle hands down, at least for the moment.

Many users rave about the fact that full offline browsing is available. For commuters this must be a great app for fillling those monotonous train journeys.

£2.39 ($4 approx) is probably seen as a lot for an app these days but lets face it it equals the cost of just a couple of daily newspapers. News on the go, with stunning pictures and articles by award winning journalists, whenever you want for this small price can't be bad.


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