Sunday, 17 January 2010

Parking Mayhem App

Parking Mayhem
Price at time of writing 59p (approx 99c)

There's a few vehicle "Parking Apps" available for the iphone and iPod touch.

This isn't a bad one and certainly warrants the small investment of the price paid above.

However whilst there is plenty to do it's one of those apps that I think suits it's price above and no more.

The aim? To park your allocated vehicle (sometimes with trailer etc.) within the time limit allowed, avoiding obstacles and collecting bonuses along the way.

There's currently 18 levels (for the low price stated this is fair) and once you have persevered though the practice mode you can do the same levels again in competition mode trying to get on the global leaderboards.

Graphically, as you can see, it's functional but not exactly the best and there are a few gameplay irritations.

Personally I don't like the irritating 'kid' that keeps wandering about bouncing off objects and walking in front of your car. Once you splat the brat or crash you have to start again. I find myself regularly calling this little b*****d some not very nice names and I have to say I don't think this particular obstacle is needed.

Other parking apps seem to have other obstacles implemented better too - you don't have constantly opening and closing barriers before you in real life - so why here?

With some more updates and more concentration on realism this little app could have much more potential.

It's only 59p currently, the lowest possible price for a paid app. You'll get your money's worth but I am sure the developer will be aware there are better similar apps for exactly the same price.


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Parking Mayhem

Parking Mayhem App

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