Friday, 15 January 2010

Rally Master 3D Pro

Rally Master 3D Pro

Rally Master 3D Pro Price of app at time of writing £2.99 (approx $5)

After seeing the lack of quality rally games that ever hit the PSP I didn't hold up too much hope of obtaining anything half decent for some driving enjoyment on the iPod touch.

After all I could never see how steering would ever feel reasonable on this type of device which has no buttons.

Looking at the ratings at the time of purchase didn't give a clear picture of good or bad either but I decided to risk £2.99 the price at the time.

There are multiple control options an analogue system (with an on screen steering wheel), a digital system tapping left and right buttons or a tilt the screen option.

The accelerator/braking can either be manual or automatic.

I wasn't too impressed at first trying both the analogue and digital systems. Too many fingers on the screen not only makes for difficult gameplay, it obscures the view too!

With 27 tracks, 3D damage modelling, varying weather and multiple game play modes the game offers a lot but I was worried controlability was going to be the end of my rally experience.

Fortunately the tilt control system was still left to try.

With acceleration being left to the processor this method of steering works surprisingly well. Tilting your phone or ipod touch at each and every bend soon feels quite normal.

After a few experimental bends you are soon able to settle down to a very satisfying drive and the game becomes worth its cost.

Personally I think the pricing is fair. A lot of work has gone into providing multiple control methods as people will differ in their preferences and compared to some of the rubbish that appears for rally enthusiasts on the PSP the graphics are good too.

However I don't think it is worth any more than the current price. So watch out for it at this price £2.99 (approx $5) or less.

I think a lot of the iTunes reviews have clearly been posted by those who haven't given all the control methods a fair try.

It's not perfect by any means but translating this type of experience on to a touch screen was never going to be easy. FISHLABS has made this a worthwhile addition to the app gaming library.

8/10      Click to buy at Rally Master Pro 3D
Rally Master 3D Pro

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