Monday, 18 January 2010

Scrabble app review

ScrabblePrice at time of writing £2.99 (approx $5)

One of the most popular game apps available. A premium game at a non premium price.

There's no need to say much about a game which functions perfectly and provides brain stimulating entertainment at a bargain price but I'll just mention some of the features.

Scrabble AppThe graphics are as excellent (well as excellent as you can make a scrabble board). You've got one player solo, one player vs AI opponent with various difficulty levels, up to 4 players with pass-the unit-play, 2 player wi-fi.

Your game is saved if you have to quit. You can zoom in or out of the board easily. There's the option to play various different game modes, such as a points target round as well as the classic rules.

This is a game which has transferred perfectly to a hand-held format. In fact I prefer it to the board format. No setting up of the board, nobody looking over your shoulder at your pieces and no calculation of points scored as it's all done for you.

Like so many others before me I can't fault Scrabble.                    10/10

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