Monday, 18 January 2010

Lottery Results app review

Lottery Results AppPrice of app at time of writing 59p (approx 99c)

iTunes and you will be rewarded with almost as many apps as the odds of winning a lottery. OK a slight exaggeration but there are a heck of a lot.
Well as far as the UK Lottery goes I looked for an officially licenced app but not finding one I gave this one a go. It's a popular app but receives widely ranging reviews.

I don't know why- what it should do it does - and it does so well.

After the lottery draw results are regularly published quicker that on the National Lottery website. You can check many previous results in case you've been on holiday. Euromillions, Daily Play and all the regular UK National Lottery draws are included - even the "Millionaire's Raffle (the Euromillions extra draw).

For fun there's even a number generator if you would like your Apple hand held to choose your numbers for you.

For the price it's terrific - I'll award it 9/10. Perhaps the random number generator could be made a little more interesting by simulating a lotto machine or something rather than the numbers just appearing?

A nice app which sdoes what "it says on the box"

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Lottery Results                    9/10

Lottery results

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