Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Apple removes 5000+ sexy apps from iTunes

Well talk about an over reaction.

The new app sitation was getting out of control with unprofessional pictures of women from every part of the planet appearing on iTunes on a daily basis.

Not just a few apps but dozens every day. Apps that were clearly launched to push Apple's no nudity rule to the very limit and clearly aimed at those wanting sexual gratification.

It made me wonder when the developers were going to run out of titles. Asia's sexiest babes, India's sexiest secretaries, Taiwanese hottest hotties the list went on and on and on.

So many absolutely pointless apps made finding something useful that had been newly launched practically impossible.

At some point something had to give. But the solution has been to remove just about every app that has a woman in a bikini or a man in a swimsuit from iTunes no matter what the apps quality.

Unless that is your name is Playboy in which case your app has been allowed to stay.

Hooters Crazy Eights card came which I have reviewed appears to have been removed both in the UK and America. The app is harmless and the pictures are of Hooters usual professional high standards. Whilst they are women in bikinis nobody could surely see this as sexually offensive? So that's been removed but Hooters slider puzzle app stays - there's nothing wrong with that either but where is the logic as both apps how the same amount of flesh?

From what I've read Playboy's app has been allowed to stay as Playboy's quality of production is renowned. If that is the case how stupid is that? You can't get a company that is more well known internationally as being sexually orientated yet that one stays.

I agree Playboy should stay but other apps should have been looked at individually to see what the actual production quality and usefulness of the app was before removing everything across the board.

If we are getting to this extreme then perhaps the Safari web browser should also be removed as that is just an open door to anybody viewing whatever they like?

There are other apps that permit web searches - they are all helpful to anybody seeking material far more revealing than anything that was available on iTunes.

Something has to be done to make common sense prevail. I expect Apple did have a few complaints about tacky apps but I doubt if the complainers wanted Apple to pull the plug on just about everything?

Some have spoken about an adult only app section. I doubt if this is really needed as that really would open the floodgates to the harder stuff of which there is more than enough on the web anyway and if anybody is desperate enough it is easy to transfer any material to your iphone or ipod touch from there.

My feeling is that Apple have to go back to looking at apps properly and to have a professional look at the material passing through. Does the app use it's own professional photographers for the photographs? Does it provide a function other than just sexy images such as a well made puzzle or game?

The app police seem to have gone a little too far on this one.

I guess we won't be seeing the Sun's page 3 girls on the iPhone or iPod touch in the forseeable future then? (Typing that I just thought I'd see if the Daily Star App was still available which it is. I wonder how long that will be for especially as they not only publish harmless pictures of women but they are also under the heading "Babes" which some extremists will probably see as being sexually offensive.)

Gentlemen the app police seem to have missed Sports Illustrated app which also uses professional photos of women in bikinis. Perhaps apps like this may become rare collector's items?

Better get it while you can here Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated App a rarity?

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