Tuesday, 23 February 2010

TuneIn Radio App Review

TuneIn Radio AppPrice at time of writing £1.19 (approx $2)

TuneIn Radio app reviewWhilst I am writing this review this app is (in the UK) #1 in music apps and #5 in top paid apps. It is receiving rave reviews with the vast majority being 5 stars and of the remainder mainly 4 stars are awarded. As for the very few people who have given this app less than 4 stars they are clearly insane, downloaded the wrong app, or haven't actually used it having bought it.

Listening to worldwide radio isn't anything new we've been able to do it on the PC for years.

What is new is this marvellous app which puts the worlds radio in your pocket. As long as you have a web connection you have access to radio from just about every country imaginable. If you don't have a connection that's fine just listen to something you recorded earlier using the app.

TuneIn Radio reviewBut there's more to this app than simply radio stations. What makes this app so perfect is the effort that has clearly been put into making sure that anybody can simply install and use it first time without reading any instructions.

Using the simple menus find your stations by subject matter, by location, language or look for local stations only. Alternatively use the search facility to search the whole database for any station or obscure subject type you fancy.

Bookmark your favourite stations with ease, record a show to play back later, pause a live stream for up to 30 minutes and there's even a facility to buy the playing song on iTunes should you wish.

TuneIn Radio for iPhone and iPod TouchAs a bonus if your chosen radio station's stream happens to be very poor where possible the app will give you alternative streams to choose from.

The ironic thing I have found is that of the 30,000+ radio stations that are accessible using the app that I can receive without problem (including those in remote areas and on the other side of the planet) the one I can't get a quality stream from is the local radio station 1 which transmits just one mile down the road. Fortunately the station is pretty rubbish anyway so it's no loss to me whatsoever.

I love TuneIn Radio and I can see why so many others have joined me in purchasing this wonderfully useful app. Money well spent and highly recommended !

10/10 a must have app from TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio app bookmark your favourite stations

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