Saturday, 27 February 2010

Wild West Guns App Review

Price at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

It doesn't matter if you pay the price above for this app or 4 times that if it has increased by the time you read this. It's worth the money!

This game demonstrates why Gameloft has become one of the most popular developers of gaming apps.

gameloft's wild west guns app has multiple game modesWe're in the Wild West with the simple "tap to shoot" mode of operation. Take part in superb arcade type gunfights against multiple bandits aiming to accrue enough points to unlock the next level. Stop bandits from taking over a train or a saloon. Stop vultures from flying off with cute little bunnies. Shoot sombreros, before they land, as they fly like clay pigeons through the air whilst fending off bandits coming at you. You have to avoid shooting innocent people and other objects you are told will reduce your score.

It would spoil the game if I gave any more examples of gameplay action so I won't.

The graphics? Outstanding - a real pleasure to look at. Bright, colouful and beautiful. A real credit to the developers.

wild west guns has crisp, bright graphicsThe sound is excellent too - it never gets irritating.

But what makes it great for me is that just-one-more-go "pick up and play" factor.

It really does have that arcade game satisfaction feel.

The accuracy on the "shooting" is just right and despite the fact your finger is all over the screen chasing bandits you never feel your finger is obstructing gameplay

I am one of those people who finds Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars overhyped, nasty to control and really bad value for money (note it does not come in my recommendations). This app can currently be bought for around 1/10 the price of that app yet I enjoy this 10x more.

Progress through all the 6 levels containing 18 challenges in Wild West Guns at your chosen level of difficulty and if you complete the game you will open other gameplay modes. There are 5 different gameplay modes to unlock giving the game plenty of extra life. However I have been quite happy to play even the normal level many times trying to beat my previous highest score. I find the game that good.

Many giving feeedback on this game on iTunes have said it's worth more than its current price and I agree with them fully. It is way above the quality of many a more expensive game.


Why not check out this extraordinarily great shooter here? Wild West Guns

wild west guns for the iphone and ipod touch

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