Friday, 5 March 2010

Free Apps Review

Free Apps download former paid for apps for freePrice at time of writing FREE

Look it's not going to win any awards for presentation although the developer PBJ Studios has a sense of humour in saying following a recent update that the interface is "63% less ugly" than it was before.

To be fair for an app with such a basic function the screens are as detailed and informative as they need to be.

The sole object of the app is to give you a quick and easy way to locate iphone and ipod touch apps that were previously "paid for" but are now free.

When the app contacts the database you can sort your list in 3 ways - by category - rank within category - or alphabetically.

Because of the huge volume of apps which are complete rubbish I have found I use only one of these sorting methods - rank within category.

Apple do not permit their star ratings to appear in third party apps so the developer has arranged a clever alternative method of judging good apps for bad.
Free Apps I recommend sorting by category rank
If an app was ranked #3 in games for example it will be towards the top of the list whilst a utility that was ranked 5000 in its category will be way down.

I would recommend this method of sorting. Free Apps is free app and at the end of a 30 day period I understand you can stick with a fully functional ad supported version or pay on a 30 day cycle period for an ad-free version.

I have to be honest because of the vast amount of rubbish apps this is always going to throw at you I can not see that this is ever going to be worth paying a one-off fee for let alone a monthly fee.Also the database is sometimes several hours behind "live iTunes" and you can therefore regularly choose to look at a free app only to see the price has gone back up. The database update period really needs to be changed.

Free Apps does what it claims to and is worthwhile if you want to look daily to see if there is a bargain going. But it isn't worth paying for.

8/10 Download from Free Apps - Find Paid Applications That Are On Sale - Powered By AppTrakr

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