Saturday, 20 March 2010

Arcade Solitaire Tri Towers App Review

Arcade Solitaire Tri Towers AppPrice at time of writing £1.19 (approx $2)

If you love solitaire the ITunes store leaves you spoilt for choice and it's hard to knwo where to start looking.

Arcade Solitaire Tri Towers is a good app, in fact the wife loves it.

arcade solitaire tri towers appI do have to say, however, that the price tag mentioned above seems to be a little steep for what is essentially a single solitaire game.Yes there are 3 different 'modes' you can play: Arcade Mode - normal mode with extra lives, Survival - no lives and Chill mode no time limit and extra lives but for me this isn't enough for a 10/10 rating when looking at the current price tag.

It's colourful, it has different 'skins' and card backs available, the sounds are great and it is an addictive little game for a solitaire addict but there is better available for less cash.

I feel the developer would do better with this being marketed at the lowest price tag in the app store.

arcade solitaire tritowers appAnd there is one final annoying thing that bugs my wife no end. You can earn all the extra lives you like but they are only valid if you already don't have a couple of lives in storage. That is not a true extra life

To its credit the game is Open Feint enabled allowing for a nice string of achievements to aim for together with high score leaderboards.

A good app? Yes. But with a lot of competition in the solitaire app market I could see Arcade Solitaire Tri Towers being substituted for something with a bit more content in the event that somebody's iPhone or iPod Touch becomes a little app-bloated.

8/10 Available here Arcade Solitaire: TriTowers

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