Saturday, 6 March 2010

Game of Life app review

Game of Life app reviewPrice at time of writing £1.79 (approx $3)

Distributed by Electronic Arts, Game Of Life faithfully recreates the board game of the same name

Single Player or up to 4 player multiplayer  is also available (pass the unit play - not wi-fi or Bluetooth which is a bit of a shame given the price) .

Let's be honest though Game of Life is a game you would sit down and play with the kids or the kids would play by themselves.

Game of Life app for iPhone or iPod touchAnd that is exactly how you should treat this app. Kids will probably love the spinning of the wheel, the bright colourful graphics and watching their chosen "token" venturing round the board.

On iTunes you will notice that the star ratings are all over the place - a relatively even spread between 1 and 5. In this case that's probably a fair verdict. It's great if you want a faithful recreation of a board game that you enjoy or if you want to shut the kids up for a while.

If, as an adult, you'd prefer something to test more than a single brain cell buy something else.

Based on the fact it's great for kids 8/10

Available here THE GAME OF LIFE Classic Edition (International)

Game Of Life App with bright colourful graphics

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