Sunday, 28 March 2010

Invisible Deck App Review

invisible deck appPrice at time of writing £1.70 (approx $3)

Forget the reviews on iTunes. There are far too many people who have given this 3 stars or less. There can only be two reasons for that. They are that they haven't put enough thought into practicing the presentation or have not understood the instruction properly.

invisible deck app reviewFor the serious magician the app has numerous uses but the simplest way is to demonstrate to your victim that you have turned over, in your virtual card deck, ANY card they were thinking of.

With several different card sets and backs to choose from the presentation quality is ace (pun intented) each time.

The working method is totally invisible once you have followed the very clear instructions. A lot of thought has gone into this effect and it is well worth the money I paid above. This can't be said for the majority of magic apps nearly all of which are marketed at this price because developers claim "you are paying for the secret" regardless of the quality of the app . Even a practice session has been built in - that is an excellent addition which you should use. All magic should be practiced and, believe me, if you can read and use the practice session many times there will be no reason to critisize this superb effect.

invisible deck an incredible effectSome reviews on this have said Rising Card is much better - utter rubbish - Rising Card (which I have reviewed already) is very good. But the working method is not invisible and the presentation is not as slick.

Once an experienced magician gets used to the method this ability to reverse any card can have so many uses in a routine.

Yes, even though the instructions are clear, it does need practice. I find it also requires a little concentration before you start to ensure you are doing it right. The solution to that is just to build it into your routine. e.g. "I am using pure will power to reverse the card - it takes a little while due to the extreme concentration required"

invisible deck magic trick for iphone and iPod touchI will agree with something a few people have said. That the developer has implied the victim can be the only one to touch your iPhone or iPod touch when the effect is shown. This is actually incorrect but with thought over presentation that won't matter and they can handle it all they like later even thumbing through the whole deck. After you have performed the trick on them tell them to do it on you and watch how hopeless they are.
There's, of course, a 1 in 52 chance they might just get it right but then that looks even more amazing. You can claim transference of mystical powers!

As with all magic effects I won't go into further detail as good magic is hard to find and this effect should be enjoyed by as many people as you can show it to.

Just read carefully and practice and you will be able to really impress people with this marvellous magic app.

10/10 Download this super app Invisible Deck

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