Monday, 3 May 2010

Doodle Jump app review

Doodle Jump App - very addictivePrice at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

Doodle Jump is a pick-up-and-play delight. Simple, yet effective, graphics yet a very unique game which requires little explanation.

The aim? You have a little "Doodle Man" who jumps from block to block up the screen. You have to guide your little doodle friend on and on up the screen. You will be hindered by brittle landing blocks, enemies and much more. You will be aided by power ups like springs, rockets and again much more - but only if you land on them. Miss a block and plunge back to earth and it's game over!

Doodle Jump App for iPad, iPhone and iPod TouchFrom the main menu screen, at the bottom, you can scroll through the "theme selections" which are available for the game. Themes change not only the background but also the helps and hindrances you will encounter in your game.

As you progress up your screen which resembles a sheet of graph paper you will pass lines together with a username indicating where others have failed. It is great to sail past the height others have achieved.

The app has both Facebook and Twitter integration allowing you to boast about your latest high score. Alternatively you can use the app to mail challenge to a friend.

I don't thing Doodle Jump is an app you will play for hours on end. It is, however, a app you will return to time and time again to try and beat your previous high score because it's so infuriating if you just miss it!

9/10 and extremely well priced here Doodle Jump - BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!

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