Monday, 3 May 2010

Angry Birds App Review

Angry Birds app reviewPrice at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

Quite simply a finger-flicking masterpiece.

So often the simplest concept makes the best games.

Each level (and there are now 105 and it's still rising!) features a limited number of angry birds and a catapult. Different birds have different abilities which can be activated with a simple swipe of the finger.
For example some are flying bombs, detonating on landing or with a flick if you need an earlier explosion. Some split into several mini birds on flicking, others speed up on impact causing more damage and others..... well that would spoil it just buy the game.

What are you aiming at..... pigs......but not any old pigs.... no green pigs who stole the birds eggs. each level has a certain number of green pigs of various sizes and defence level. You must destroy all of them before proceeding to the next level. In addition to their own defences (helmets) the pigs will be protected by wooden structures, concrete blocks and more.

Between one and 3 stars are awarded for each level with the ultimate aim being to unlock your 'Crystal' achievements of getting 3 stars in all levels. There are also golden egg levels to be unlocked throughout your journey.

Getting 3 stars on each level is far from easy. On many levels it will require wiping out all the pigs with your first bird. It requires thought, concentration and an element of luck.

A tip here...... if you have cleared all your pigs and nothing is happening.... look carefully and wait, it's probably not a hanging app! The level will not move on until all physical activity has stopped on the level. A rock may still be rolling, a concrete block moving slightly (and you may even have missed one of the tiniest pigs!)... just wait a few more seconds and all will be well.

Cheats and walkthrough apps are also available at the same price as the app. But get a life rather than do this . The game itself is hardly difficult to progress through. Yes 3 stars needs a little more attention. But why not use the brain rather than cheat?

I downloaded Angry Birds with a bit of scepticism - I thought surely this app can't be that good? And no it isn't it's better!

Thousands of people have now rated Angry Birds the majority awarding 5/5. In comparison only a handful have awarded 3 or less. Those people have probably rated low just to be annoying.

The price of this app is amazing and I have to wonder if at some stage the developers will either increase the price of the app rather than add more levels (there are still more 100% confirmed  in the pipeline for the current app) or resort to releasing Angry Birds 2 instead. It will be an interesting marketing decision.

For me Angry Birds is the most innovative gaming app yet!

10/10 and available right here Angry Birds

Angry Birds - an app which is so addictive you may need App Rehab!

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