Saturday, 19 June 2010

Airport Mania : First Flight

airport mania appPrice at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

One of the little time management gaming apps you can buy.

Like thousands of other users I hope that Reflexive Entertainment are working on a sequel.

airport mania app reviewOK it's cute graphics may seem like this is a game for little kids. Nothing of the sort. Yes it is cute, but that is part of the charm. The sound effects are a real delight, the graphics are lovely and just for once even the backing track is not ittitating if you wish to have it playing.

Your task? You progress through 8 different airports. You need to manage landing flights, unloading, refueling, repairing and reloading them back into the air as quickly as possible.

A paper plane mode can be unlocked too.

airport mania applicationAchieving a perfect score on every level will require a fast finger and a good eye. Difficulty I feel has been set just right and everybody should be capable of completing the 48 levels at the minimum score which is needed to unlock each level.

Points combos can be obtained by doing a fast turaround and for trying to keep same coloured planes loading and unloading at the same coloured gate.

Airports can be upgraded using your earnings. Additional runways, a fan to blow away fof, a hairdryer to thaw out frozen runways, executive waiting areas and much more is there to be unlocked to assist you in getting that perfect score.

For me the purchase of Airport Mania : First Flight is a 'no brainer'. I just hope that Second Flight is in the making.


airport mania an adddictive app

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