Saturday, 19 June 2010

Pocket Ants

pocket ants appPrice at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

Irritating little buggers ants aren't they?

This is the app that lets you take vengeance on red and black ants using a huge variety of different tools.

Blow them away, blast them, drop rocks on them, burn them, freeze them. Use these and a load of other weapons to wipe out as many as you can.

You can even race against the clock to see how many you can destroy in a minute.

Achievements are available as you use all the tools you have to eradicate your virtual insects.

A slider tool lets you customize your own preferred balance of red and black ants.

pocket ants app reviewGraphically it's bright, colourful and effective. The tools are easy to use and the sounds are great.

But I would class this as less of a game and more of a therapeutic way of spending a few spare minutes. There may be exceptions but I don't think that pocket ants, for most, is going to be played for hours on end.

But if you're in a bit of a mood and feel like taking your temper out on virtual pests this may be right up your street. For the price you can't complain about pocket ants.


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