Sunday, 3 April 2011

Flick Kick Football

Price at time of writing 59p - approx 99c

I don't even like football but I love this game and I think you will too.

The concept couldn't be simpler just keep kicking the football into the goal.

Flick Kick Football app reviewThe strength of your flick relates directly and accurately to the strength of your shot and curving the ball by curving your 'flick line' is simple too.

Several game modes are available and at the time of writing this these are:

Arcade - Build up in difficulty as you star off aiming at an empty goal and progress through increasingly difficult challenges with players and the goalkeeper in different postitions. On many challenges they even move. You have 3 lives but extras can be earned with skillful shooting into key areas.
Skillshot - You are against the clock to score as many 'skill zone' shots. Hitting the skill zones will earn you extra time
Bullseye - Simple task, again against the clock, just hit the targets. This is a points quest, bullseyes score higher points. Hit targets one after another for extra time. Appears easy but as you get further away from the goal and the targets start moving it becomes a race against time.
Time attack- Basically it's the same as Arcade but against the clock instead of 3 lives. Extra time is awarded for those skill shots. Continue to hit skill areas and you are awarded with a flaming ball which is capable of burning through players in the way but it only works once, until you earn another, so use it wisely.

Flick Kick Football app review Multiplayer - Pass and play or send a shot is available. With send a shot the challenge continues until either you or your Twitter or Facebook friends which you have imported miss a shot.

It is both Openfeint and Game Center enabled with a load of realistically achievable challenges available to earn those awards and to record those high scores to see how you rate in the world league.

I also love the funny, genuine completely daft football quotes from players and managers which are used as short loading screens.

This is a beautifully made game of The Beautiful Game and is a bargain buy.

10/10 Available here

Flick Kick Football app review
  Flick Kick Football - PikPok

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  1. it is the best game i have played evveeer