Sunday, 17 January 2010

iTheatre (your mobile guide to London's West End)

Price at time of writing FREE

This app promoting and trying to help you book theatre tickets in London's West End I am just about allowing to scrape in at 8/10 primarily because it does currently serve a purpose and because of its price (currently zero).

If it worked as it should this would, without a doubt, be a 10/10 app and a must have for anybody with an interest in West End Theatre. In fact people may even eventually be wiling to part with the smallest fee for using it.

As it stands it does some things very well. It's impressive at showing you what's on in the West End. It's great at showing you current special offers on tickets and helping with bookings.

What it does not deliver well is the promised media which would make this app so much more appealing. Click the REVIEWS tab under most productions and you are rewarded with a blank page. Where a review does appear there is hardly a review just a small quote from a paper or radio show. The IMAGES tab is equally as poor where there is an image it is barely recognizable image resembling something worse that the earliest digital cameras could manage.

This app needs some TLC by the developer to realise it's full potential. It's on my iPod touch so I have a vested interest in seeing how this app progresses and as to whether it turns into the hive of interesting information it should be!

8/10 (as long as it's FREE)

Download at

iTheatre App

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