Monday, 18 January 2010

Flight Control app

Flight ControlPrice at time of writing 59p (approx 99c) - a total bargain!

Flight control is an app that is raved about - and rightly so.

Flight Control AppThis is what game apps should be about - pick up and play entertainment that provides just as much enjoyment and utter frustration when you lose each time you use it.

The aim is simple. Using a selection of simply displayed airfields you wait for aircraft of various types and speeds to enter your airspace. each aircrafts runway (or helipad) is depicted by it's colour and you simply "draw" the flightpath for that aircraft from the aircraft to the runway with the aim of course for every aircraft to land safely.

Understandably as the number and of aircraft increases and the speed of these aircraft differs more you find yourself frantically drawing and then two seconds later correcting your chosen flightpaths to prevent a crash.

I am sure everybody has their own method that they thinks works best for preventing disaster but in truth the inevitable always happens in the end - the trick is delaying it as long as you can so that your highscore (or lowscore as it may be) can be uploaded.

There are various airfields for you to choose from and in addition to the simple (but just right) sound effects you can either have no music or choose from supplied background music or use your own tracks.

With the developer wisely choosing the low price for this app they have assured it is being recommended by word of mouth, magazine reviews and web reviews such as this one.

I'm just adding my complete recommendation to everyone else's

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Flight Control

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