Monday, 18 January 2010

Open Maps

Open Maps App
Price at time of writing £1.19 (approx $2)

Using the maps of OpenStreetMap.Org you literally have the word at your fingertips.

The current price is very reasonable for such an application.

Open Maps ApplicationYou can easily search for any location in the world and the software will quickly locate similar locations (my screenshots show a search for "Venice")

From world view it is easy to scroll in to street level.

You need an online connection to initially search for your desired area but you can then download as many map tiles you wish for your specified area as the amount of memory it will use is clearly shown.

Actually Venice was probably a good example as the Italian city is so easy to get lost in. Such an app could be invaluable if you were planning a trip.

Route planning and many different display options are available and there is little to moan about.

I will however mention that it seems you can only display in portrait rather than landscape which I find a little odd for a map. I don't think the coding for having horizontal orientation is that complicated and I hope this is planned as a future update.

Until that happens Open Maps gets awarded a very reasonable
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Open Maps for ipod Touch and iPhone

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