Sunday, 24 January 2010

LiveCams EarthCam App Review

Live Cams Earth Cam App

Live Cams Earth Cam App MenuPrice at time of writing FREE

EarthCam needs no long explanations. It is simply a collection of live webcams from around the world (granted the vast majority are in the USA & Canada).

The user is able to watch any of these feeds. Time lapse videos are available for many cams - the one in Trafalgar Square (London) I found fascinating.

You can add ANY still to your photo album.

This has received mixed reviews - one complained that there were only 2 in England (both in London) , a scattering in Europe and the vast majority from the USA.

Eiffel Tower by Night Live Cams imageTrue enough, but there are still a vast number of interesting cams to take a look at. I've pictured only a few but I found it incredible watching the Niagara Falls and then people wandering around the streets of New Orleans unaware people around the world are watching them.

Not all the countries in the menu (note I've only pictured part of the menu) currently have cams listed and there are some very noteworthy countries not listed including Australia and New Zealand.

I hope we see more countries added in due course as this app really has some potential.

It is more than worth it's FREE price tag and if cams can be added for more countries this could become one of the most popular apps ever. Watch out pickpockets and muggers you never know where in the world you may be being watched!

Excellent app 9/10 Download at Live Cams Free
Niagara Falls Live Cam

Niagara Falls on Earth Cam by Live Cams
New Orleans Web Cam on Live Cams app
Niagara Falls on Earth Cam by Live Cams
Patagonia Cam on Earth Cam by Live Cams

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