Sunday, 31 January 2010

Wordflick App Review

wordflickwordflick app

Price at time of writing £1.19 (approx $2)
Scrabble is a classic word game made by Hasbro it's a superb game and I gave it 10/10.

Wordflick is less than half the price, made by a small, independent developer, Michael Thomason. It is equally as addictive (more so in some ways) and deserves to have considerable success in the difficult App Marketplace.

The concept is simple. Letters appear at the top. Just drag them within the allocated time limit to form words at the bottom of the screen. The more impressive the word - the more points are scored. You have a limited number of "letter refreshes" on each level.

wordflick by Michael ThomasonLocal and on-line high scores are available. The online high score not only recording the highest overall scorers but also the highest scoring words.

I love this app for so many reasons:

1. It's not hard to play but it is refreshingly hard to get a good score. Scrabble is a game which can easily go for over an hour. Wordflick? You'll be doing well if you survive over 9 minutes - and I'm not joking! Why so hard? Because as you figure out the words you are going to play the letters randomly change if you don't "go for it" quick enough. Seeing a 10 letter word only to lose letter 9 can drive you mad in a great way on this game. If you get to level 5 you almost feel like throwing a party and at the time of writing this I've only done that once!
2. I like the random bonus letters that pop up giving you things like bonus time and points.
wordflick high scores3. It is very well presented with a colourful background.
4. The sounds are spot on for a game of this type
5. The difficulty is just right making this a great game to pick up and play safe in the knowledge that it is unlikely to consume more than 10 minutes of your life at a time.
6. I like the high score options (I have struggled to 34th - I won't be there for long!)
7. I like the fact if you wish you can have your own music while you play.
8. Most importantly I like the way this developer has incorporated a development blog into this app where he seeks feedback from users - how refreshing is that?

I have contacted the developer regarding this great app and I know further enhancements are still on the cards.

I have to admit to being a total Wordflick addict at the moment and for £1.19 ($2) that can't be bad!

If you like word games this has the potential to consume your life!

10/10 Get the app from Wordflick
Wordflick - can you get on those high scores?


  1. Hey, this sounds fun. I don't have it yet. Is there a free version of Wordflick, I want to try it first, though. I'm banking a list of top iPhone apps since my clients frequently ask me those. -Steve

  2. Thanks for the info. I too have become addicted to this game but can't seem to find out more about it. One time I completed level six but usually level five. How many levels are there?
    How do you find the high score options? When I click the "high scores" button it immediately fades out. Thanks for any help you can give. :)

  3. not any more they update app and not good for any thing they wanted you to buy token for the game im not rich are they nuts this game suck now I pay for it 99cent and they are asking me for more money that anit gonna happen workflick bring my old game back to me i know alot of people who play and now you suck at whole game too bad your history to me unless you bring old work flick back what where you think!!!!!!!!!!!5th July 2012