Monday, 18 January 2010

Pianist app review

Pianist AppPrice at time of writing £2.39 (approx $4)

Take absolutely no notice of anybody who has given this less than full marks or at least very close to it. Those people, I assume, must be those who have never played a piano or keyboard before and thought they could compose a master piece at first attempt.

Pianist ApplicationThere's a deluge of keyboard apps available but this is a masterpiece.

A full 88 key piano available anytime for you.

The ability to display between 8 and 15 keys on screen. Scroll with ease up the keyboard. Record your creation, play demo tracks. Label the notes on the keys (if you wish), use the optional metronome. If desired have two sets of keys on screen at the same time in split screen.

Need more help? Then use the excellent 16 page user manual included. You've even cost virtual soft and sustain pedals. And most importantly the sound - is excellent!

What more could you want?

Nothing is the answer.

This is about as good as it gets for a hand held piano experience. A full size keyboard is the only way you'll get a more realistic experience and that will cost you many, many times the extremely reasonable price of this wonderful musical app.

Pianist is superb and well done to MooCowMusic


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Pianist for iPhone

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