Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The World Factbook 2010 App Review

world factbook an extremely useful offline appworld factbook 2010 app for world facts and informationworld factbook 2010 app reviewPrice at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

This app is a bargain at the price above and to be fair although it is 75% discounted at the above price I do think it would still be worth the full price too.

The word factbook has become an extremely popular resource for keeping up to date with interesting facts and figures from all the countries of the world.

The actual World Factbook database is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world from students to government agencies.

The database is kept up to date with regular upgrades so for those of you interested in transnational issues with countries regularly in the news, like Afghanistan, you will not be left feeling you have been deprived of topical information.

A bonus for me is that the app is an offline app so all that application can be called up whether you have a web connection or not. I find it a great app when you have 10 minutes to spare and just want to read something interesting about any country of your choice.

I can't fault The World Factbook - it does what it states it does - and does so very well.

Extremely recommended for facts, figures, current affairs and information addicts!

10/10 Get it now from The World Factbook 2010
world factbook recommended app for iphone and ipod touchworld factbook for useful information on all world countries

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