Saturday, 13 February 2010

Animation Creator App Review

Price at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

animation creator appLook I'm clearly no artist but short as it is I knocked the above short sequence together on this app in literally a matter of minutes.

I'm honest in saying I read absolutely no instructions (I still haven't) and just learned as I went along.

To be fair it's received very mixed reviews but realistically this isn't the app for everybody. Animation is not complicated it just requires subtle changes from frame to frame and not everybody has the patience for that type of experience.

Me? I love this. I love the fact you can build animations way longer than my small effort here. It is really just limited by your imagination. You will find that where it has been given good scores by users it appears to be from the more "mature" user who seriously loves animation and has a little patience in the knowledge that superb results can follow.

There's a basic colour pallette which can be adjusted to practically unlimited via sliders. Brush sizes can be changed. Shadows can be added automatically or not. Zooming in for touch-ups is so easy using the "pinch technique" There's an eraser for mistakes together with an undo function.

Upload direct to you tube (like I have) and tweet your you tube link direct from the app. You can draw freehand, draw lines, shapes and more from one simple tool menu.

Oh I almost forgot what you see above is a fairly slow frame rate. You can actually change for frame rate instantly from between 1/2 and 24 frames a second. This makes for incredible animations for the longer creations.

For a bloke I have relatively medium sized fingers - even then this can make drawing a little fiddly trying to see what is under your fingers. Someone with very large fingers may struggle and accidentally open menus whilst drawing. But this is not an application fault - the developer has done an excellent job in creating an app which includes so much for such a little price.

One thing's for sure my next creation will be longer than 6 seconds!

An amazing app for the creative type at a real bargain price!


Download directly from Animation Creator

animation creator app for the iPhone and iPod touch

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