Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Chuzzle App Review

chuzzle app
Price at time of writing £2.99 (approx $5)

"Match 3 to delete" type games seem to be available everywhere at the moment.

To stand out in the crowded marketplace of such games you have to do something a little different.

Chuzzle , by Pop Cap games, has been around on the PC for several years now and its transition to the iPhone and iPod touch works well.

Chuzzles "stand out" factors are the cute and puzzle factors.

Cute because you are moving around "living, breathing" little fluffy ball creatures rather than diamonds or the normal objects in this type of game.

The puzzle factor really comes to the fore as you progress in the classic game when larger chuzzles appear several times the size of the little creatures these can make moves increasingly difficult.

The sounds are simple but effective for this type of game. If you eventually get tired of the classic game there are other game modes available including a zen mode, speed mode and a mind bender mode. Mind bender tests the patience and skills of the most commited puzzle lover as you try to match the layout demonstrated by moving your chuzzles around.

It's a very popular game on the PC and it has gained good reviews on iTunes.

Critisisms? At the price I quote above it could be seen as a little expensive compared to similar applications. Local high scores only are available - so many games have global high scores now that it would not have taken a lot of effort to build this in.

Chuzzle is still an entertaining pick up and play game and is a great addition to any game collection - but £2.99 is a little expensive - watch for it to be reduced in price as it has been lower in the past and I feel it will have to fall to retain consumer interest.

8/10 check out the current price at Chuzzle

Chuzzle Application for iPhone and iPod Touch

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