Tuesday, 9 February 2010

iSpy Cameras App review

iSpy Cameras  app menuiSpy Cameras AppPrice at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

For the full review on this please see my dedicated page on this wonderful app as I will be adding to that page.

In short though if you find the idea of watching the world from your armchair this is the app for you.

ispy cameras in actionWatch animals in San Diego Zoo, holidaymakers in Hawaii, try and spot relations on a New Zealand beach, have a look at the bicycles outnumbering cars in The Netherlands. Watch life in hotels, bars and streets worldwide.

I have to be honest I find this app addictive with cams being added all the time and an incredible number to choose from already you really are spoilt for choice.

Add your most visited cams to a favourites menu, choose a random selection, look at the most recently added cams, just browse the whole lot or choose a category or country.

Many cameras can even be controlled by you with multiple views available.

You can even submit new public cameras if you have the details.

This really is the world in the palm of your hands.

It is the best cam app I have seen for the iPod Touch or iPhone by far.

I also must add here that I have hundreds of apps and that this is easily my favourite and most used.

For the small price it's a must-have-addition to a decent app collection.


If you use iTunes USA get it here iSpy Cameras
Or for iTunes UK here iSpy Cameras

ispy cameras app scenic shot

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