Thursday, 18 February 2010

Quake Watch App Review

quake watch app
quake watchPrice at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

Enter the word Earthquake into the iTunes app store and your reward will be a complete page of apps.

To save a lot of trial and error on your part I can gladly tell you that Quake Watch - Latest Earthquakes info is a superb all round application.

I've been interested in earthquakes, seismology, volcanos, continental drift and tectonic plates, and the amazing power of the earth since I was very young (a long time ago).

This superbly presented app receives daily use from me not only because it is well laid out and very functional but because of its speed in updating compared to similar applications.

Track and show any earthquakes reported with their within minutes of their occurence. See where they are in relation to your location. Set it to view all earthquakes or only those higher than a level you set on the richter scale. Google maps pinpoints the exact earthquake location including its didtance from you and its depth.

Quake Watch is to receive a dedicated page on this site for a more in depth look at its functions and options.

But don't wait for me to finish that whether you live in an earthquake zone or not you will find this app fascinating and I am sure, like me, it will be used regularly by you.

10/10 a very worthy download from QuakeWatch - Latest Earthquakes Info

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