Sunday, 7 February 2010

Currency Master App Review

Currency Pad - A simple front menuCurrency Padd app reviewPrice at time of writing FREE

Please note : This app was renamed Currency Master so please excuse references to it's original name, Currency Pad.

Please note as I write this the currency pad app is on a free promotion - I do not expect it to stay this way. I would still give this app it's given rating even if it had been charged at the $1.99 (£1.19) level as I think it's worth up to that amount.

I make use of currency conversion regularly - mainly from US$ to £UK - so I like to be able to keep up to date with currency exchange rates.

I just wanted something with a simple layout, easy to use and reliably updated.

Currency Pad fits all those requirements and more.

Currency Pad - spoilt for choice on currenciesOn the front page you can simply set up your favourite "currency pairs" this gives you your most regularly used exchanges at a glance.

Beneath that are your customizable currency lists. Pick a list - add or delete currencies as required - and set your "base" currency entering an amount of your choice for comparison to all chosen currencies.

The developer has made added more interest into this very capable application by adding commodity prices into the mix. Want too see the current cost of a barrel of oil in any currency? No problem just click and then get furious over how much it's just cost you to fill up your car with petrol! The same goes for silver, gold, aluminium and other commodities.

For simplicity this is a marvellous app for the iphone or ipod touch. There is no need to make something as simple as currency exchange complicated or try to create marvellous graphics.

The only thing I would change is the name from Currency Pad to Currency Master because that is what this little app is.

10/10 and available from Currency Pad
Currency Pad - Commodities as well as currencies

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  1. This is a very practical little app indeed. Thanks for the find!