Sunday, 7 February 2010

Paper Toss Ad-Free App (or maybe not) Review

paper toss apppaper toss ad-free app?Price at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

Paper toss is a legend in popular apps. A simple concept. There are several locations to choose from including an airport, office and a basement.

The aim is just to throw a ball of paper into a waste paper basket positioned at various distances away from you according to your chosen level.

You are also hindered by wind, no not flatulence, the variety that eminates from a fan the positioning of which varies in the game. You are given an indication of the direction and speed of your obstructing breeze.

paper tossAll you have to do is gain your highest consecutive number of throws into each location's trash can with your high score being uploaded to a global high score table.

The graphics are great, the sounds are excellent, the gameplay is great and essentially it's a 10/10 app.
So I'm giving it 8.


Because there is a FREE version of this app which is supported by advertising. It is a fabulous app and to be honest the advertising isn't too intrusive either.

I went for this version with the promise that it is ad-free.

Well Backflip Studios have told a bit of a porkie pie here because no there is no advertising during actual gameplay  - they've just got it all over the high score tables instead.

An app advertised as ad-free should be exactly that - no ads anywhere.

I hope Backflip Studios see sense that this is more than a little deceptive and see fit to remove the ads. If they do so I will gladly come back here and give it back its deserved ad-free rating.

Until that happens users need either to consider that this is not FULLY ad-free or go for the free version instead.

Paid for version Paper Toss Ad-Free
Free Version Paper Toss

paper toss ad-free or maybe not

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