Thursday, 4 February 2010

iPint App Review

My half consumed Carling iPintiPint app by Carling
Price at time of writing free

This is an extremely popular app provided free as a promotion by brewer Carling.

In reality it is little more of a novelty but it does demonstrate tremendously the iphone's or ipod touch's tilt control ability and super graphics.

The first part is the iPint - the ability to pour a graphically impressive virtual pint (well given the size of your phone or touch a virtual couple of hundred mls anyway). To impress your mates you can then pretend to drink your virual pint and your "glass" empties accordingly.

Guide your virtual iPint along the barThe second part to this is the guiding of a pint of lager from one end of a bar to another to your virtual buddy at the other end of the bar using tilt control. The length of the bar and the number of obstacles are factors decided by your chosen difficulty level of beginner, intermediate or advanced. In reality intermediate is just a longer easy and advanced is a longer still easy. Reach your "mate's" eager hand at the other end and you are rewarded with........ yes you've guess it    ....a virtual iPint.
Look this app is not going to serve any long term function but it is a bit of fun as a short term novelty and better still it's free.

You may as well download it and have a go just to see what all the hype has been about!

8/10 Download your virtual tipple at iPint

(You must be over 18 and remember to "drink" your iPint responsibly)
The Carling iPint app tilt control game

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