Saturday, 20 February 2010

Fling app review

fling app for ipod touch and apple iphonefling appPrice at time of writing 59p (approx $1)

Fling is a strangely simple game that actually turns out to get infuriatingly difficult as you progress through the levels. Yet it remains an app that keeps you going back for another try as your progress is saved after every complete stage.

Just like Chuzzle you are confronted by a varying number of cute coloured fluffy balls. On each level these are laid out. The colour of the balls has no relevance - just makes it look nice.

fling appAll you do is fling (by flicking) one ball along it's row or column towards  another ball to force it off the screen. If there is more than one opposing ball it will be a chain reaction forcing the last ball off. You continue doing this until you have just one remaining ball on each stage.

Each level consists of a number of stages and each level increases in difficulty.

Gameplay sounds easy - and for the first 5 levels or so you will probably think it is fairly simple. But gradually more balls and more complicated arrangements of balls appear. With the hardest stages having just one unique solution many levels will have you stumped and trying over and over until you get it right.

But it's these stages which make Fling such an attractive purchase. Who wants a game you can complete in an hour? I certainly don't. I like the fact that if you get stumped you can take a break and go back to it any time you like.

Yes, for those who give in easy, there is a hint (cheat) feature but I'm one of those people who won't let a game get the better of me - I'd rather persevere and get there eventually than  cheat.

For such a low price Fling is a lovely gaming app to keep on your Apple device

9/10 and available from Fling!

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