Saturday, 20 February 2010

iSeismometer app review

iseismometer your personal portable seismographiseismometer appPrice at time of writing FREE

For those with even the slightest interest in plate tectonics and the movement of the earth this app is quite fascinating.

This app works both on the latest iPhones and iPod Touch. Using the amazingly sensitive Apple accelerometer built into the devices this app picks up even the slightest earth movement.

Even if you live far from the nearest area associated with earthquakes you will be amazed at how much movement there is in the earth at every location on the planet. Rest assured the slightest movement will be shown.

This app offers more though.

iSeismometer - Did the earth move for you - report an earthquakeYou can use it to report an earthquake if you detect one, although I am sure that any report will have to be backed up by official data.

You can even set an alarm to sound at a movement level you set. I guess if you live in an area prone to severe earthquakes this could be very useful. Although I wonder how hard it is to choose the right alarm level?

You don't want to be awoken by every tremor yet you don't want your alarm to go off only after the rest of the house has crashed on top of you (that's if you wake up).

The main part of this app is, of course, the seismograph and it really is just that. Your own portable seismograph capable of picking up the slightest movement in any direction.

The only thing I would like to see added to such an app is the ability to record data for a timescale you set. It would be great to leave it running for 24 hours for example and to watch a time lapse video played back.

I guess the only issue there is the memory needed to store the data?

A really good app and best of all it free (at the time of writing this).

9/10 download now at iSeismometer

iseismometer app - if the noise of your house falling down in an earthquake does not wake you this might!

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