Friday, 5 March 2010

Texas Hold Em App Review

Texas Hold Em App Review
texas hold em app for iphone and ipod touchPrice at time of writing £2.99 (approx $5)

I am no poker expert but do know how to play the game and what a great game this is too in fact with it's great graphics I would descibe it more as a poker simulation.

Multiplayer is available from the main menu but single player against the various AI opponents is just as entertaining.

If you play holding your iPhone or iPod Touch in landscape mode you can play a faster game as you just have the overhead table top view.

If you want to view the excellent photorealistic animation in gameplay and are happy with a slower, but more true to life game, simply turn your gadget to portrait mode at any point.
texas hold em app menu screen
Despite a few moans and groans thst I have read in the iTunes review the vast majority of users agree that this is a superb simulation.

For the price I mention above I think the game is excellent value.

Like Texas Hold Em in real life making money is not easy, easy to learn, but not easy to win big.

You start off your career playing in the Garage but your ability to play in the Cruise Liner, Aquarium, Vegas and other amazing venues you will have to perform well in each successive venue. This success is hard to earn and that gives it superb replay value. Believe me I've spent so much time in the garage I feel at home there now - I have progressed out briefly to higher venues briefly only to be outplayed by the AI players.

Texas hold em app.She does smile occasionally - honestI love the beautiful animation in portrait mode of both the dealer and players. The facial expressions are great. If I have any critisism at all it's that I wish a few more animations had been taken of the players as they are somewhat limited.

Controls have been well though out and are simple to exectute. Everything from folding by throwing your cards in to "checking" by a double tap on the poker table is so easy.

Texas Hold Em is a superb application by Apple Inc. at a very fair price. I will be exploring other poker apps in due course but this will be hard to equal let alone beat.

10/10 and downloadable from here Texas Hold'em

Texas Hole Em - just turn to landscape for a quicker overhead game

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