Saturday, 6 March 2010

Rising Card app review

The Rising Card App for the iPhone and iPod TouchMagic on the iPhone and iPod Touch has rapidly become a very big thing.

Mainly because with each unit's fabulous portability, quick operation and superb graphics demonstrations can be very impressive.

In fact if more effort is put into development of quality magic trick apps you could almost put on a professional magic show with just your Apple gadget to hand.

The Rising Card App does have lovely graphics
As it is there are magic tricks galore available from iTunes but currently few of those have the professional touch.

As nothing scoring less than 8/10 will appear on this site it will take some real magic to appear here.

Rising Card makes the grade - just.

It's a really good final effect. The magician is able to make any card (even including the joker) rise from a pack. Obviously there are several lead ups to this trick a magician could use including the simplest "Just think of a card"

It looks brilliant but it could be so much better and I am hoping that the developers may take note of these comments and take apption to make this truly professional.

Rising Card app - make ANY card rise from a deck of playing cardsIts a great magic effect but because of the way it works performing it more than once on the same person (or even somebody who is concentrating hard) the method could easily be spotted.
Obviously I can't say much here but users of iForce will know what I mean when I say the lead in to that effect is much more professional and far less obvious than this one is. This one helps the magician far too much and opens the trick to suspicion when with a little effort the method could be completely invisible.
Theory 11 (the makers) need to remove the obvious stuff because I am sure even the most amateur magician can handle the workings of this without such help.

It also needs to learn lessons from Invisible Deck - it needs to have multiple backgrounds and decks to choose from.
The effect also always has the Ace of Spades on the bottom of the deck facing the audience member. This is a pathetic oversight - a clearly random facing card would not have been asking too much and allows for the app to be used again later in a show.
With a little reprogramming by the developer the user could get to see the virtual deck first with a random card on the bottom..... they then get to shake the unit to "shuffle" the cards. A shuffle sound occurs whilst shaking and when happy they can check the facing card has changed and they can then press a button on the screen to exit the app (so the magician can't play with the cards). The magician is then handed the unit back and puts it face down whilst the performer thinks of a card. When the card is named the magician just turns the unit over, navigates normally to the rising card app and performs the trick.
The silly thing is most of the hard work has already gone into this trick. But it does need improving. This is currently the same price as other professional tricks but for me until it is made just that little bit more professional it is only worth the 99p price tag.
I am hoping the developers are treating this app as a work in progress as it does have so much more potential. 

I will revisit this review should Theory 11 update it in due course. I hope they do improve it as it could become a magic classic.
Don't get me wrong, considering some of the rubbish magic trick apps on iTunes, this is one of the better magic apps and should be part of a magician's collection.

It's just not up there with the greatest effects...... yet.
8/10 Magic available here Rising Card

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