Friday, 5 March 2010

Open Feint application review

open feint app review
open feint app - for a free game every dayPrice at time of writing FREE

By now most seasoned game players on the iPhone or iPod touch will have come across Open Feint.

It is the popular utility for the sharing of high scores, chatting about apps, looking at your game achievements  and editing your profile.

So why create an app specifically for Open Feint when you can access it from within any Open Feint enabled game?

Well a free game every day that has Open Feint functionality is a good reason.Each game is only available for the 24 hour period.

Open Feint app for iPod Touch and iPhoneEarly on following the release of this app users were complaining that the Free App was a "lite" version rather than a full game. To be fair Open Feint did state this would be the case from the outset.

However, recently, the balance has changed with a lot of full apps being given away free. Granted the vast majority may only keep you entertained a few hours, rather than weeks but they are FREE.

Max Injury was one such app which had a FREE DAY recently. Granted it is no longer on my IPod Touch (and it doesn't make my 8/10 criteria as it's far too short). But it did remain on my gadget for a couple of days and I quite enjoyed flinging my "dummy" over, across, and at various obstacles trying to do the most damage.

This app isn't an "earth mover" by way of functionality by any means but it does make the grade purely because giving things away these days for free is always handy !

8/10 Get the free app here OpenFeint

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